7 great reasons to share a bed

February is known for horrible weather, but at least two good things come out of it: the chance to gorge on pancakes and, of course, Valentine’s Day. So this month we thought we’d give our blog a romantic theme and entertain you with a few facts and figures about sharing a bed.

Did you know…

  • sleeping next to your loved one may be good for your heart. Research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh in the US suggests that co-sleeping may help to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol while boosting levels of anxiety-reducing oxytocin – and lower stress levels mean a lower risk of developing heart disease and a range of other chronic illnesses.
  • sharing a bed with your spouse seems to aid good-quality sleep. 82% of respondents in a Sleep Council study who reported sleeping very well “always” share a bed, while 17% of poor sleepers sleep alone.
  • women in stable relationships fall asleep more quickly, and wake up less frequently during the night, than single women, according to a 2009 US sleep study.
  • UK research shows that your sleeping position next to your partner can affect your day to day relationship. Couples who sleep less than 1 inch apart are happier than those with a gap of more than 30 inches.
  • the nation’s favourite snuggling positions are… back to back (42%), facing the same direction (31%), facing each other (4%).
  • married couples seem more willing to invest in a comfortable bed, according to a survey by The Sleep Council. More than a quarter of married couples (27%) spend £400-£599 on their bed, while singles tend to spend around one third of that amount.
  • According to experts from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, couples who have regular cuddles in bed have higher chances of fighting the flu or common colds because they release more antibodies that make their body healthier.

Whether the clear health and psychological benefits of bed sharing compensate for the nightly duvet-hogging and the snoring is a matter of personal opinion. One thing’s for sure, though: if you want to keep your relationship on track, quality sleep seems to be essential, and that all starts with a comfy bed – exactly what H Living specializes in. Check out our full range of adult beds here.

Hyder Living is changing

The past year has been an extremely busy one for Hyder Living. As well as constantly adding to our range of great-value, high-quality adults’ and children’s beds, we’re increasingly becoming known as a trusted supplier of sofas, mattresses and contract furniture to the hospitality and care industries.

To reflect this expansion – and herald an exciting new era for the company – we’re changing our name to H Living. However, although the name change may be a break with the past, as a family-run company H Living will continue to adhere to its core values, namely unbeatable quality and fantastic value for money. We also have a proud history and a hard-fought reputation for service and after-sales support, and we’ll be continuing those traditions as we grow.

We’re looking forward to building and strengthening the H Living brand in 2019 by branching out into new product areas. Recent months have seen the launch of stylish upholstered bedsteads like our new Cameo and Harmony designs, and the debut of our Natural Collection of premium mattresses – and we’re pleased to say there are many more exciting developments in the pipepline. Just watch this space…

2019 interiors trend: new nudes

It may have started with the ‘artisan’ fad for natural, unadulterated materials and organic, earthy hues. It certainly continued when Dulux announced their Colour of the Year as Spiced Honey, a soothing caramel. Either way, according to trend experts and style insiders, 2019 is set to see a rise in warm nude tones that will add a touch of cosiness to our interiors.

While goes-with-everything grey still holds sway as the most popular neutral decorating shade, pale tones of sand, café au lait and bisque have a timeless quality, and while they may be on the up trend-wise, they’re unlikely to date. Their restful quality makes them ideal for sleeping areas, so if you’re thinking of embracing the look and going nude in the bedroom(!), you’ll find the perfect bed right here at Hyder Living.

Our Sandringham upholstered double bed, for example, is a real showstopper, and will lift any bedroom scheme above the ordinary. With its slanted solid wood feet and tall headboard with elegant button detailing, it comes in a buttery oatmeal shade that tones beautifully with a host of other colours; try it with blush pink or mint bedding, or with warm peach or terracotta.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a halfway house between classic grey and nude, the Balmoral might be your ideal option. Upholstered in a linen fabric in a calming shade of putty – a timeless colour that’s both elegant and restrained – it features a carved headboard that gives it a sophisticated vintage look. Or why not go all-out and embrace the Spiced Honey trend with our statement Copenhagen bed? It’s upholstered in a luxe velvet-look fabric in a warm toffee tone and has a scroll-back headboard and gently curved footboard that give it a cosy, inviting vibe. If you’re looking for the ultimate “cocoon” bed, this is the one for you.

We love to embrace the latest interiors trends, but ultimately, the most important factor in the design of every Hyder bed is quality. All our beds are handcrafted to stand the test of time and feature a strong slatted base for maximum comfort, so you can be assured of a great night’s sleep.

If you want to see more Hyder upholstered beds, click here.


Why headboards and footboards matter

The headboard and footboard on a bed once served very practical purposes, insulating the sleeper from cold draughts and preventing sheets and blankets from sliding off the bed. However, as time has gone on (and we’ve embraced modern duvets) their purpose has become largely aesthetic.

That’s not to say headboards and footboards are an afterthought. At Hyder, the look of our beds is as important to us as their quality and performance, which is why produce designs with very different combinations of headboards and footboards to suit a range of room sizes and styles, allowing you to create very different visual effects. To give three examples…

High headboard, high footboard

Beds with tall headboards and footboards make fabulous focal points in larger rooms, creating a sense of grandeur and French-chateau chic. Our Copenhagen Grey bed – upholstered in a luxe silver velvet-style fabric – is a wonderful example of the look, and features an elegant winged headboard matched with a similarly curved footboard that combine to give the sleeper a sense of being enveloped and cocooned.

Low headboard, low footboard

As a general rule, the lower the headboard and footboard, the more contemporary a bed will look. Our Renee bed has simple, clean lines and a pared-back aesthetic and would work brilliantly as part of a minimalist or mid-century modern scheme, while its lack of height makes it an ideal choice if you want to maximise the sense of space in a tiny room.

Medium headboard, no footboard

The Windermere is a stylish blend of old and new. The gently shaped solid oak headboard and carved wooden feet are historic touches, but the lack of footboard and on-trend buff linen upholstery give the final design a fresh, modern feel. It’s an ideal choice if you love contemporary style but, as a bedtime bookworm, you need a high-ish headboard to lean against while you read.

Of course, you might prefer the look of a decorative metal headboard, or the classic look of slatted wood. With Hyder offering such a wide range of beds, you’re spoilt for choice.

Luxury mattresses, hand-made in Yorkshire

Although each and every Hyder bed is designed to promote a great night’s sleep, whether you get plenty of shut-eye or barely a wink also depends on one other vital factor: the quality of your mattress.

At Hyder we know that a mattress isn’t just something to sleep on – it’s a fantastic investment for your long-term health and wellbeing. That’s why we manufacture all of our mattresses ourselves right here at our Yorkshire HQ, from memory foam and latex designs to our traditional sprung models. We’re particularly proud of our premium range of Natural Collection mattresses, which are crafted entirely by hand using high-quality, locally sourced natural fillings such as lambswool, organic cotton and horse hair. The Natural Collection 1000 Pocket Spring mattress features a thousand high-quality steel coils for the perfect blend of comfort and support, while the 5000 Pocket Spring – as the name suggests – offers an incredible five thousand coils for added bounce and the ultimate in sleeping luxury. Covered in a luxurious yet durable viscose fabric that offers breathability and softness and finished at the sides with hand-stitching to prevent bowing, our Natural Collection mattresses are among the very best on the market.

We make our mattresses to order, to any size and specification up to 8ft wide (Caesar size).Have a quick browse of our Mattresses page to see what we can offer or contact us on 01484 531000 to discuss your exact requirements.

Bunk beds with benefits

The ultimate space-saving sleep solution, bunk beds are enormous fun for young children, when sharing a room means having a permanent playtime buddy and nighttime is about getting up to mischief rather than sleeping. But inevitably there comes a time when privacy issues and arguments about who gets the top bunk mean that siblings need their own separate spaces – whether that means a whole room to themselves or just a bed to call their own.

The good news is that with one of our convertible bunk beds, giving children a space of their own needn’t involve any financial outlay – just a little DIY effort. Our Oliver wooden bunk bed, for example, is a classic design that’s tough enough to withstand the wear and tear that small children will inevitably inflict on it, but it can be easily split into two singles when the need arises, creating a far more ‘grown up’ look that older kids will love. With each separate bed featuring a strong slatted base and sturdy construction that ensures it will last for years to come, the Oliver has been rigorously tested to ensure it conforms to EN747 1-2 safety standards, offering complete peace of mind, and comes in two neutral finishes – a crisp white or warm grey – that tone with almost any bedroom scheme.

Want to see more Hyder convertible children’s beds? Check out our white-painted Colonial bunk with its gorgeous panelled detailing, or our Seattle metal bunk, ideal if you’re a fan of the industrial look. Strong, safe and functional, these beds offer fantastic value for money – a fact we take into account here at Hyder when we’re designing children’s beds, because as every parent knows, the bigger kids get, the more your bank balance tends to shrink!

Magna expands our Ottoman empire

We admit it – we have a slight obsession with storage at Hyder Living (see our previous blog post on sleeping solutions for small spaces). Where possible, we like our beds to deliver not just fabulous style and comfort but space-saving extras as well, hence we’re expanding our Ottoman empire (sorry!) with a brand-new addition, the super-stylish Magna. Featuring a deep padded headboard finished in grey linen, the Magna boasts clean, contemporary lines that are perfect for homes looking for sleek modernity – and means Hyder now offers an Ottoman to suit every style of bedroom. Want to introduce a touch of boho glamour? Check out our winged Copenhagen, upholstered in luxurious velvet-style fabric. Looking for boutique-hotel chic? With its tall and elegant headboard, our Buckingham bed is the perfect choice.

Like all Hyder beds, the Magna has been designed to offer great quality, fantastic value and – of course – a superbly comfortable night’s sleep thanks to its sturdy sprung slatted base. Plus, with an Ottoman, you get the benefits of space-saving storage thrown in for good measure. The Magna is the ultimate clutter-clearer, with bags of room beneath for spare duvets, pillows or other items you want to keep out of sight but access easily.

We’re constantly adding fresh designs like the Magna to our portfolio of beautiful beds; check out the complete range here, and keep your eye on our Facebook page for our brand-new launches.

It’s all in the detail

What makes a Hyder bed different? We like to think there are quite a few factors that make our beds stand out from the crowd – our craftsmanship and our use of top-quality materials, for starters. Then there’s our commitment to safety standards; all of our children’s beds have to undergo rigorous testing before they’re added to our range.

But it’s the little things that really matter. We’re talking about those tiny design tweaks that can transform an average, workaday bed into something chic, unusual or even, in the case of our children’s beds, something that fires the imagination. Our Sandringham bed, for example, gets its sense of grandeur and elegance thanks to its extra tall headboard, while its black legs, set at an extra-wide angle, give it an extra design flourish that elevates it beyond the everyday. Our Cameo upholstered bed features a carved headboard and footboard and finial-style legs that add a hint of French chateau style to its clean modern styling. The scallop shells that we’ve added to our metal-framed Amelia bed – available in cream or pink – give it a gorgeous fairytale feel, while the our trademark swimming-pool ladders, featured on our Cosmic, G2-3 Sleeper and Alaska bunk beds, will make getting into and out of bed an exciting experience, and turn a children’s bedroom into an imaginary swimming pool.

Whether it’s a buttoned headboard or a decorative turned leg that initially attracts your attention, you can be confident that a Hyder bed will match in functionality what it offers in style. Have a browse of the website and see what catches your eye.


Contemporary elegance: introducing the new Barci bed

We’re always excited whenever we add a new product to our portfolio, but we’re particularly delighted to introduce the Barci, a chic modern upholstered bed frame with more than a hint of Scandinavian style.

We pride ourselves on delivering the latest trends in furniture design without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship, and we think our Barci bed is the perfect showcase. Upholstered in the softest grey linen fabric, it has a welcoming, relaxed vibe and features gentle curves and rounded edges for an elegant silhouette, and a simple, undecorated headboard that will appeal to anyone seeking a clean, minimalist look. But like all Hyder Living beds, there’s more to the Barci than meets the eye. Its good looks belie the fact that’s it’s also impressively robust; it comes with sturdy, natural-finish solid-wood feet and a sprung-slat base for great support and a fantastically comfortable night’s sleep.

As for colour, when we were designing the Barci there was really only one choice. Grey is the ultimate soothing shade, encouraging a feeling of restfulness and calm, and – a bonus for any home decorator – it goes with almost everything. We think the Barci will bring a refined look to any minimalist bedroom, whether your preferred style is mid-century modern, boutique hotel or Nordic cabin-in-the-woods. But don’t forget, we also offer a wide range of traditional, embellished and luxe-look beds, too; just click hereto see all our adult beds at a glance.

5 sleeping solutions for small spaces

It’s official: UK homes are the smallest in Europe! And with house prices making upsizing difficult if not impossible, more and more of us are trying to cram growing families into homes meant for one or two.

Here at Hyder Living we’re constantly on the lookout for clever ideas to make small-space living easier. Our range of high-quality adults’ and children’s beds includes a wealth of multifunctional designs that make the most of every possible inch of floor (and wall) space, from compact bunks and beds that double up as seating to ottomans with in-built storage. If you’re looking for a bed that’s smart and useful as well as incredibly comfortable, check out these space-saving gems…

Built-in storage

Our stylish Buckingham ottoman bed has a sturdy sprung slatted frame and offers heaps of storage space in its base for blankets, pillows and duvets, which can be accessed without hassle thanks to its end-opening easy lift mechanism.

Pull-out trundle
A great space-saving solution for kids’ sleepovers or unexpected guests, our Maya day bed is the perfect spot for lounging during the day, but by night transforms into two single beds thanks to its easy-access pull-out trundle.

Live/sleep space
With its cool “loft living” vibe, the Cosmic high studio sleeper covers all the bases: studying, sleeping and lounging. Featuring a built-in work area with a tempered glass desk, it makes maximum use of vertical space, plus there’s plenty of room underneath for an optional Solo chair and futon.

Room below
Raised high on elegant solid wood legs, our Windermere double bed makes the most of the ‘dead’ floor space beneath, allowing easy access to storage bags and boxes while also providing a fantastically comfortable night’s sleep thanks to its strong metal frame and sprung slat base.

Stackable singles
Two beds or one? It’s your choice. Our Colonial bunk bed has been designed with practicality in mind, functioning beautifully as a bunk bed, but easily splitting into two singles as your little ones grow – making it a fabulous long-term investment.