Hyder Living was established in 1997 branching from a sister company to provide a service to our customers in ways other companies are unable to. Originally started as a pine bed supplier it soon began to pioneer other domestic bed products within the market. Today Hyder Living has established itself as one of the most prestigious Childrens bunk supplier.

Constantly adapting and changing to an ever emergent environment. The company, over the last 4 years Hyder has shifted the focus of the operation in to more specialist products such as care homes, hotels, apartments and student mattresses. The wide nature of the client base Hyder has shown that the company has experience in various fields of an ever divergent market.

Hyder Currently employs around 40 employees whom split up mainly as Production Staff, Warehouse Staff, Office Staff and Drivers.

Hyder operates their own fleet of vehicles allowing 100% control of deliveries with coverage all over United Kingdom and Southern Ireland.

Hyder has regular audits both financial and from 3rd party companies to display transparency in the operation, showing constant ethical practice, code of conduct and Health and Safety.

Hyder has recently undergone a restructure and refurbishment with intentions to introduce ISO’9001 and ISO14001.

Our products are specifically designed and created with each client specification. We strive to offer our customer the highest of quality and service with every transaction regardless of size. This is evident in our desire to become ISO compliant.

The company’s aim is to recycle 100% of the company waste however we are currently unable to achieve the desired number. Hyder sends minimal waste to land fill, with much of the waste being recycled and reintroduced in to the field as eco-friendly products.

Hyder has a rigorous screening process for every element of the organisation, from Employees to Suppliers, we allow fair levels of opportunity for each candidate and supplier however we ensure the relevant background checks and surveys are conducted before taking on board new companies.

We test and certify all products before supply to trade for peace of mind relevant Crib 5, Crib 7 tests are conducted by regulated and certified laboratories.

Our IT system is modern and managed in house we are able to integrate via EDI if necessary for clients to provide information to Hyder in a timely manner.